The silly thing is that by default the settings for OLE objects are such that they might not plot. Here’s how: Have an excel spread sheet saved. That’s one of the reasons I avoid using OLE objects. Unfortunately your version of AutoCAD is too old to have the Table > DataLink feature that. The Object Inserted into AutoCAD is an OLE, and I can not get this to PLOT. I do know if you insert the Object as a TIFF or a JPEG it will Plot.

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I have about six drawings and have been trying for two days! I have checked layers, I am somewhat of a novice, and in my application use the program at a most basic level.

Thanks for your help! Not at all, I am the dork.

What really has me stumped is I first tried this 10 days ago, and a drawing plotted fine. Is there a filesize limit on OLE objects? obect

Posted September 23, You are commenting using your Facebook account. To add insult to injury, I opened the drawing that plotted for plottinh 10 days ago, and without changing a thing I have the same plot problem with it. I am trying to embed a picture but have no succes untill. Your email address will only be visible by forum admin and moderators and will be used to send you Forum Notifications. January 16, at March 24, at pkotting Yes it will print from excel just fine, whether I print the original or the embedded page opened from CAD Again, I appreciate your time.


September 6, at 2: I will objecf you pdf if you have time to look at it. I can indeed plot the PDF.

Why are Images or OLE Object not Printing from AutoCAD?

I’ve copy and pasted an excel office page into an autocad drawing, as well as ‘inserted’ it as an OLE Why would the print preview show the loe, why would it work on my inkjet, but then not print on my plotter? Can’t figure out how to attach to email from this forum.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Notify me of new comments via email. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I have 2 questions: I haven’t managed to convert pdf to an image file objedt the pixels going berserk, although what we have done is printed the pdf and scanned it as tk jpeg and inserted it that way, it might be worth a try I guess.

I read through the links you provided earlier and found a “wrinkle” that says OLE objects will not respond if you change the orientation in the plot dialog box. The first drawing I did 10 days ago by inserting pdf as an OLE did print. I save the Image as a. I am about to tell my boss “Can’t be done”. Why not just save the image and use it as an Is your table in model space or in paper space?

You say autocax can get it to print correctly to a local printer I will try again, but try the above steps in the meantime.

Anything you can think of in the Plot dialog box? You are commenting using your WordPress. I think on past drawings, the scanning method was used, and the image is not plofting at all.


Does the spreadsheet print? I tried selecting it and changing the color but no change General they are smaller scale maps so the accurately is Important.

OLE not Plotting – AutoCAD Drawing Management & Output – AutoCAD Forums

The information that you provide in this form will make up your forum profile which can be viewed by other forum objwct. Are you printing to PDF use Adobe? I’ll post my results!!!! Is there another method to save jpeg in the layout tab? I just want to save the file as 1. June 25, at 8: I’m trying to figure out the difference between inserting an OLE and just copying and pasting from excel into cad Are your plotter drivers up to date, if its okay on the inkjet but not on the plotter then I would suggest its the plotter and not settings in Acad.

That’s why I inserted it as an OLE by copying the graphic to clipboard, and then into my drawing. Just another example of why not use OLEs.

OLE not plotting – CAD Forum discussion (EN)

Looking at other threads although not Acad: Try inserting it is paper space instead. Register a new account. You are welcome, I’m glad you found a solution.